Turkish national beverage, the product of Turkish lands,
our registered pack of vitamins accompanying every meal and
snack at every occasion and place either as hot or sweet:

Produced with the innovate aseptic, bacteria-free filling technique.

Doğanay Şalgam
Truly Turkish Beverage

What is fermented black carrot juice?

Doğanay Fermented Black Carrot Juice is a natural and extremely healthy beverage obtained by fermenting black carrot, turnip, hot ornamental pepper, water, salt with whole wheat just like yogurt, cheese and vinegar for 30-40 days.

As Doğanay Gıda, we fulfill the majority of our black carrot need by growing them on our 2000 decare land in Ereğli/Konya using a good agriculture certified planting system approved by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture with extreme attention to all processes from field to the table.

And the remaining part is supplied by other farmers in the region carrying out their planting operations again in line with the good agriculture certification system, and we carry out our production in our extremely advanced and modern integrated facilities using our innovative, aseptic and bacteria-free filling technique.

Şalgam Nedir


  • Rich in Vitamin Groups A, B, C.
  • Natural Antioxidants.
  • Contains Potassium.
  • Helps Protecting Eyes and Skin.
  • Contributes to the Regular Functions of the Immunity System.

Scientists always recommend us to eat purple foods and drink purple beverages, because purple foods and beverages are natural sources of anti-oxidants. As Fermented Black Carrot Juice is a beverage drunk with all dishes and especially the ones hard to digest, it is also a very special beverage since it has a unique flavor that can be offered to guests at home or work.

Fermented Black Carrot Juice

Gluten Free
Natural Probiotic
Facilitates Digestion
Low Calorie (30cal/L)

Sugar Free...!


The black carrot that is the main ingredient of Doğanay Fermented Black Carrot Juice is full of vitamin A. And thanks to this quality, its contribution to eye health is scientifically proven.

Doğanay Fermented Black Carrot Juice contains lactic acid. A glass of Fermented Black Carrot Juice that you will drink after a meal will facilitate the digestion of consumed food. Since it is a fermented product, it contains enzymes good for the intestines. It is a natural probiotic, and thus good for the digestive system.

Doğanay Fermented Black Carrot Juice assists weight loss since it facilitates digestion, serves as a natural probiotic, contains enzymes good for the digestive system and creates the feeling of fullness, but it is not a weight loss drug. Doğanay Fermented Black Carrot Juice is low in calories (30kcal/1L). Its SUGAR FREE state after fermentation is proven by all analysis reports even though its main ingredient is black carrot.

Doğanay Fermented Black Carrot Juice contains vitamins A, B and C besides calcium and potassium. And these are defined as vitamin groups that have aphrodisiac effect on the body by the scientific circles.



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