Doğanay Gıda aims to protect the nature, contribute to the national economy with its products and minimize its negative impacts on nature in all its production processes.

And to serve this objective, it embraces the following principles and policies:
complying with and keeping up with all local and national laws on environment, environmental regulations and legislations announcing and publishing the policies to all employees, customers, suppliers and all other related parties, and raising environmental awareness in all respective parties identifying environmental aspects, environmental impacts and damages ensuring the recycle of wastes created during production and processes, disposing them at the closest site or ensuring their disposal creating a sense of responsibility towards and awareness about environment by continuously training employees and suppliers seeing the task of leaving a livable environmental to future generations as a responsibility and duty reviewing the goals and targets in this respect annually, and ensuring improvement constantly improving the environmental management system in line with these principles.

These principles will be declared to the public with all possible means of communication, and be open to the review of the public.

The management will monitor the fulfillment of these environmental policies and goals.