Being sensitive to customer and market demands,

Prioritizing customer satisfaction and trust,

Carrying out our production processes with an environmentally-friendly approach following laws and ethical rules,

Announcing and publishing the policies to all employees, customers, suppliers and all other related parties, and raising quality management awareness in all respective parties,

Fulfilling the conditions of the Quality Management System, providing all the required resources,

Ensuring continuous improvement and development,

Offering the products and services at optimum quality with the participation of all our employees by prioritizing the concepts of leadership and awareness in all our processes especially at the top management level,

Fulfilling the needs and expectations of the respective parties fully by conducting studies in line with the legal and special conditions to identify these needs and expectations,

Identifying strategic goals in processes by working with a risk-based mentality,

Ensuring that the employees work peacefully and safely within the environment of DOĞANAY GIDA A.Ş. family,

Becoming a mega food brand by offering reliable food products fulfilling the needs and expectations of the consumers are our quality policies.