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Doğanay Gıda structured the brand Bütün with its constantly updated technology, innovative and dynamic staff in order to produce healthy products in a quality associated with its name. Bütün is preferred by consumers with its affordable yet quality products under Doğanay assurance in vinegar and sauce groups.

In order to maintain the trust of the
consumers in Doğanay, we continue to work
hard with great determination as a team.

In the process that carries our products
from the field to the table, the standards of
international food organizations such as
FAO and Good Agricultural Practices are followed.

Doğanay under the brand name of Nare,
Produces Vinegar of Grapes (which is made from pure grapes),
Apple Cider (which is made from pure apples),
Balsamic Vinegar,
White Vinegar,
Lemon Juice( (which is made from pure lemons),
Lemon Souce,
Pomegranate Syrup (which is made from pure pomegranate),
Pomegranate Syrup
Hot Pepper Sauce
which is made with fermentation

Doğanay Gıda has FAO award, Good Agricultural Practices certificate, and ISO 22000-ISO9001 and HACCP certificates.


Doganay Nare lemon juice is produced of lemons grown in selected regions of the Aegean Region through 100% natural and additive-free lemons juice .No additives, preservatives or artificial colours are used in the production process.

Doganay Nare balsamic vinegar is produced just like the Italian “aceto Balsamico” but with the adaptation of modern technology by Doganay Gida. Fresh grapes are pressed through which stum is obtained, which is then fermented through natural procedures. After having aged for two years and turned into vinegar, it is then again mixed with stum upon which the final product is obtained.

Doganay Nare apple vinegar is produced through the natural fermentation of pressed apple juice of carefully selected fresh apples from the Aegean, Konya and Nigde regions.

Doganay Nare apple and grape vinegars get their colours respectively from the rinds of the apples and grapes used in the production.

Doganay Nare grape vinegar is produced through the natural fermentation of grapes from the Gaziantep Islahiye and Nevsehir regions.



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