Grape Vinegar

Üzüm Sirkesi Cam
  • Grape Vinegar Glass
  • 8693354003494
  • Gram: 500ml
  • Units Per Package: 12

The color of the vinegar comes from the skins of the fruits used in its formula.

We are one of the rare companies of Turkey that carry out their production using only fresh fruits in the natural fermentation process, thus we are the first company to carry the '100% grape' label on its packages with the special permit issued by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture.

Doğanay Grape Vinegar is only made of fresh grape, and does not contain any artificial flavors or colorants. The color of the vinegar comes from the natural color of the grape skin.

The grapes that we use in the grape vinegar produced only using fresh grapes come from Islahiye/Gaziantep and Nevşehir, and are naturally fermented.

Doğanay claims to be the best of Europe, not just Turkey in grape and apple vinegars that are produced using only fresh grapes and apples.