An extremely healthy, unparalleled product that is produced from the meticulously selected pomegranates from south and southeast by maintaining the traditional flavors and not compromising on quality and thus creates a difference with its flavor and varieties containing 50% or 10% pomegranate juice.

Pomegranate Sauce

%50 Pomegranate Sauce Glass
  • %50 Pomegranate Sauce Glass
  • 8693354004583
  • Gram: 340g
  • Units Per Package: 6

POMEGRANATE: Contains potassium. Helps maintaining the normal blood pressure. Enables excretion of toxins with its diuretic effect. Has high anti-oxidant capacity. Helps protecting your body from the damages of free radicals. Contributes to Healthy Skin and Regular Functions of the Immunity System

You can safely consume Doğanay Pomegranate Sauce that became one of the essential elements of the tables in the recent years.