About Us

As Doğanay, it is our duty for our culture and our country to bring the traditional fermented flavors to both Turkish cuisine and world cuisines alike, together with our agricultural activities that we launched in the 1960s. We continue our production of Şalgam, vinegar & sauce, and fruit juice in our state-of-the-art production facilities in Adana, which we launched in 1997, established over an area of ​​40,000 square meters, without compromising our quality and taste principles.

We started our journey of Şalgam by introducing this legendary taste, born in Adana, to the whole Turkey. Our hard work and meticulous efforts for nearly six decades have rewarded us with being the first brand that springs to mind when it comes to "Şalgam" in Turkey, and by being the leader of the market by far.

Our greatest source of pride is bringing the traditional Şalgam of the Adana region into popularity across Turkey. We owe our place in the hearts of our consumers to maintaining our consistency in taste and quality in our production, which we have been sticking to traditional recipes since the very first day of our foundation.

There is another crucial reason for our consistency in quality and taste. Thanks to our agricultural activities that begin in the very seeds we use, our R&D studies and our contracted agricultural collaborations, we both know the value of our country's fertile lands and also support our farmers in our efforts.

We bring our products to our consumers of all ages by serving approximately 150.000 stores with our 150 dealers and business partners in 81 cities across Turkey. We are also working to introduce unique and traditional fermented flavors of Anatolia to world cuisines by reaching almost 40 countries in America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

With our first commercial product, Şalgam, our product family grew and expanded over time. In 2022, we have finally added the pickle juice, the traditional fermented beverage loved by all of Turkey, to the list of our products such as vinegar types of apple, grape and balsamic, pomegranate syrup, lemon sauce and lemon water, hot pepper sauce, lemonade, all of which we produce in our innovative and eco-friendly production facility that prioritizes quality and safety. With these efforts, we have built another large category in the fermented beverages market after Şalgam.

We register our understanding of uncompromised quality, hygienic, safe production and service by keeping it available for the inspection of international institutions while delivering our products to our consumers. Today, all processes in our facilities operate in accordance with ISO 22000, ISO 9001, HACCP, FSSC 22000, World Halal Association and TSE COVID 19 Safe Food Production standards, which include safe food production and quality management systems. We do not compromise food safety not only in production, but also in all stages of the supply chain, starting from the fruit and vegetables procured from our farmers until they reach the tables of our consumers. Thus, we are fulfilling our most important commitment of "providing safe food to the society".

Our Vision and Mission

We continue to work with all our strength, hand in hand with the farmers of Anatolia, to become a brand that adds value to all our stakeholders alike, while bringing our traditional fermented flavors, our centuries-old heritage, to the tables and to include these flavors in world cuisines.



We carry our professionalism from the very beginning of the supply chain to the tables.


We have a deep respect for our business.


We prioritize innovation and we offer innovative & healthy products to our consumers.


We centralize ethics in all of our business practices.

Environmental Sensitivity

We prioritize respect and sensitivity to the environment.

Customer Focused

We produce with our customers in the core at all times by keeping health and naturalness in the foreground in each of our products.

Awards & Certificates

EurAsia Certification

TSE Covid-19 Güvenli Üretim Belgesi

Sor Certification

Dünya Helal Birliği

Our Research and Development Policy

Doğanay R&D has the strategy of spreading its R&D philosophy in all businesses that create added value throughout the company. The development/improvement of the products in the current portfolio, the design and addition of new products to the portfolio, cost-improving projects are managed by R&D in a way that will bringe an edge to the company in national and international competition. Adopting innovation-based approaches throughout its entire value chain, the Company operates in line with its vision of adding value to consumers and the national economy. While these processes are managed; Developing formulations suitable for food regulations and following global regulations are among our main responsibilities.

Thanks to the added value we create, it is among our priorities to develop models that will contribute not only to economic gains, but also to consumer and public health.

Doğanay R&D is committed to product and process development studies, focused on eliminating variability/uncertainties, with the awareness of eliminating waste sources that do not create added value, and by adapting statistical analysis tools to their work.

It supports the development of competitive trade in domestic and export markets with the trade secrets, patents or utility models it has developed.

It is one of Doğanay R&D's main responsibilities to continue working with innovative products in the fields it leads, by following the product trends in the world, following scientific publications, collaborating with universities and scientific institutions, and developing projects in coordination with sectoral NGOs.

Our Food Safety Policy

In order to ensure quality and food safety, DOĞANAY GIDA has adopted the following principles:

Determine all possible risks related to our whole production processes from farm to your tables and take precautionary actions,

Introduce a sense of responsibility and belief, which is the basis of maintaining the Food Safety Management System, to our employees through training activities,

In case of any food safety risk that may occur during our production, we plan and urgently implement measures to minimize the risk,

Guarantee and improve food safety by applying national and international foor safety standards, producing in hygenic conditions with great contributions from our educated and safety conscious employees.

Our Quality Policy

As Doğanay Gıda to assure quality;

We will be sensitive to consumer and market needs; and produce high quality products,

We will adopt consumer satisfaction and trust as our main principle,

We will produce according to our country’s laws, moral rules and we will value the environment,

We will announce and publish our policies to our employees, consumers, suppliers and all other interested parties; and to create quality management awareness,

We will operate in accordance with the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard; benefiting quality improvement tools to contribute to a continuous improvement and development,

We will prioritize leadership and awareness in all of our processes and serve our products and services to consumers with the highest quality possible.

We will conduct research that will respond to the needs and expectations of the stakeholders and to improve ourselves,

Determine strategic targets in processes by working with a risk-based mindset,

Ensure that its employees work peacefully and safely within the environment of the DOĞANAY GIDA AŞ family,

Provide products with the responsibility of being the leading brand in its field, in a way that will fully meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

Our Environment Policy

As Doğanay Gıda for environment;

We will adopt a philosophy of living in harmony with nature in all our activities,

We are fulfilling all environmental legislation and legal obligations,

We will use raw materials and energy resources effectively and efficiently to protect natural resources,

We determine the environmental effects in all our activities, to ensure wastes are recycled, minimized when it is not possible to recover, and that these wastes are disposed of without harming the environment;

To prevent environmental pollution by following technological developments; and making continuous improvements to keep it under control;

To detect pollution at its source; and minimize pollution,

To provide continuous training to our employees in order to create environmental awareness and gain individual responsibility in our employees;

To increase our environmental performance by cooperating with our customers, suppliers and official institutions;

To use products that do not harm human health and the environment in all of our activities;

To give importance to the use of renewable energy sources by ensuring the use of alternative energy sources instead of fossil fuels that cause global climate change;

To value people and the environment; to implement practices that reduce carbon emissions resulting from its activities; To use natural resources efficiently and to engage in activities to reduce environmental pollution,

To support ethical behavior while performing our activities; and to contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability by acting with a sense of social responsibility,

Developing recycling practices that will reduce our resource consumption; working with our suppliers to produce packaging materials that are lighter or fully recyclable; To be a pioneer in our sector with our sustainable packaging efforts.