What is Şalgam?

Doğanay Şalgam is prepared via fermentation of black carrot, turnip, boiled and pounded wheat.

Şalgam is black carrot juice, which is fermented by gut-friendly bacteria for 35 days. It is all natural and a health beverage. Also, with its legendary taste, Doğanay Şalgam is an excellent choice to drink with all dishes.

Benefits of Şalgam

Şalgamın Faydaları

From Farms to Tables

From Farms to Tables

Doğanay Şalgam is beneficial for digestion!

Şalgam is produced by lactic acid fermentation that has a positive effect on the digestive system. Lactic acis plays a role in helping the body to get more benefit from minerals which is also beneficial for stomach and liver.

Doğanay Şalgam is
Gluten Free

Doğanay Şalgam, contains pounded wheat, a natural grain used in the fermentation process. In the periodic analyzes performed by accredited food analysis laboratories, the amount of gluten detected in Şalgam is at the maximum level of 6.1 mg/lt. According to the Turkish Food Codex, products containing gluten below 20 mg/kg can be called "gluten-free".

Doğanay Şalgam contains

The purple carrot in şalgam has an antioxidant effect. Antioxidants protect our body from damage caused by free radicals that cause cancer, cardiovascular, eye diseases and aging-related diseases. Şalgam lowers cholesterol, calms nerves and stress.

Doğanay Şalgam’s awesome color comes from black carrot. There are no coloring agents!

The unique color of Doğanay Şalgam comes from the anthocyanin pigments in purple carrots.

Doğanay Şalgam is

Many beverages contain excessive amounts of sugar. Excessive consumption of sugar causes excessive energy intake, increase in body weight (obesity) and lowers the absorbtion of nutrients. Sugar increases the risk of cancer, weakens memory and the body's defense system.

Doğanay Şalgam

A glass of Doğanay Şalgam is only 5 calories! Most beverages are high in sugar & calories and lead to obesity. Şalgam helps to maintain your weight.

Doğanay Şalgam is

Probiotics are known to support the immune system and help to regulate the digestive system.

Şalgam is rich in Minerals and Vitamins!

Şalgam is rich in minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sodium and vitamins A and B. These are minerals and vitamins that are not produced in the body and must be taken with nutrition. They help vital organs work regularly, strengthen immune system.

They also protect teeth and bone health.

Thanks to its iron content, it is perfect against anemia.

When Şalgam is consumed regularly, it regulates blood pressure.

Şalgam has an aphrodisiac effect.

Vitamins A and C, helps the skin to be healthier.